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Honeywell vs. Generac Generators

When it comes to backup generators, choosing the right one for your home will come down to the unique benefits and functionality differences of each generator.

While Honeywell and Generac are among the most popular, factors like wattage, fuel, and budget might affect your decision on which is best for your home. 

The Differences Between Honeywell and Generac Generators

Generac Power System did acquire Honeywell in 2011, making some factors, such as fuel usage and parts, similar.

However, both brands are still separate entities and compete with each other regarding subtle make and model differences.

Here are some of the differences, similarities, and features that both brands offer.

Diesel and Gas Usage

Generac's  and Honeywell's generators run on diesel, gas, natural gas, or liquified propane. Ideally, start with propane or natural gas, as these are not as volatile and will not emit harmful gases.

Both brands are efficient and conserve more fuel than their competitors.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Routine service can help you not void your warranty. Both generators make it easy to set up maintenance and schedule an appointment for service.

Because Generac makes Honeywell generators, they offer the highest quality. Established in 1920, Generac began making Honeywell in 2011. Hence, reliability and consistency are features of both brands. 

They each offer weekly self-diagnostic tests to keep the generators functioning correctly and require minimal maintenance.

Mobile Application

An impressive feature for both brands is their generator's mobile app. Honeywell and Generac offer easy-to-navigate apps that integrate your services. 

With both, you can schedule a maintenance check, reach customer support, and monitor your generator remotely. 

Pricing and Wattage

Prices vary based on factors like generating capacity or wattage, as higher-watt generators cost more. 

For example, 20 kW generators are more expensive than 18 kW generators. Honeywell and Generac offer more value and durability than most brands and will not need replacing for some time.

Reliability and Durability

Models with each brand stand the test for durability and reliability.

Rugged, shock absorbent, and weather-resistant, most consumer reviews stated that users had no complaints about the finish or materials with Honeywell or Generac brands.

Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts readily available can save time and money if you need to make repairs. 

With nationwide distributors, finding parts is fast as long as the model is in production. Older parts might take more research but are usually still available online.

Sound Levels

One of the differences between Honeywell and Generac is the noise level production. While Honeywell has 85 to 90 decibels for its noise level range, Generac has 66 decibels.

Generac is a better choice when needing a quieter generator. 

Variety of Models

Both brands offer a comprehensive product selection with portable and large mobile versions on wheels. 

Powerhouse backup generators can power your home and appliances, and both brands accept different fuel sources. These include diesel, gas, natural gas, and liquified propane.

Warranty Duration

Honeywell includes two- to five-year warranties, while Generac offers up to 10-year warranties.

Read the warranty limitations on any brand you purchase to avoid costly repairs, as warranties usually do not cover fire damage. Honeywell and Generac cover parts but not labor.

Avoid warranty breaches by only hiring qualified personnel for installation, repairs, inspections, and wiring work.

Trust AAA Service Network for Your Generator Needs

When it comes to the subtle differences between Honeywell and Generac generators, our team of expert installers can help you with both.

We professionally service both brands of generators in Southeast Michigan and are happy to discuss which would be best for your home and budget.

Call (517) 548-5040 or contact AAA Service Network online for expert generator services in the Southeast Michigan area.

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