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Wiring & Rewiring in Southeast Michigan


Many homes across Southeast Michigan were built well before modern improvements in electrical design and the demands of modern electronics and appliances — but even modern wiring can be inadequate for your needs, lacking convenient outlets, switches, and dedicated circuits.

Let the expert electricians at AAA Service Network handle your home rewiring needs. We'll install quality wiring throughout your home to ensure safe, consistent power for everything in your home, from phone chargers to appliances.  

Call AAA Service Network at (517) 548-5040 or contact us online to schedule home wiring or rewiring in Southeast Michigan.

Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

Do you know the state of the wiring in your home? Many homeowners don't think twice about the system arguably most important to their day-to-day comfort and convenience until something goes wrong — but by getting ahead of such a catastrophe, you can dramatically:

  • Improve your electrical safety and reliability
  • Expand electrical functionality
  • Improve home value
  • Improve efficiency

Signs You Need Rewiring

Part of the reason wiring issues often go unnoticed is that homeowners aren't sure what to look for or what constitutes a real problem. If one or more of these situations sounds familiar, it's a good idea to have your home wiring inspected and consider an upgrade:

  • Lights that flicker and dim when you plug in appliances 
  • Frequently flipped breakers
  • Sparking or scorched outlets
  • A slight scent of burning when you use appliances
  • Never having an outlet where you need it, so you rely on extension cables
  • Blown fuses

Age is the top indicator that you need rewiring — any property with wiring over 50 years old should consider rewiring.

For more information on signs you might need rewiring, call our team at (517) 548-5040 or reach out to us online.

Appliance Wiring in Southeast Michigan

At AAA Service Network, our expert electricians can also hardwire new appliances, and if you're having issues with your current appliances, we also offer appliance repair. Call us for wiring and repair for your:

Call AAA Service Network at (517) 548-5040 or contact us online today to request appliance services for your Southeast Michigan home.

Schedule Wiring Services in Southeast Michigan Today

Electrical problems, even minor ones, can rapidly lead to substantial harm to people and property. Make sure your home is safely, efficiently, and reliably powered with the help of the trained and certified electricians at AAA Service Network.

We're committed to excellent customer service and great workmanship, and we're certain we'll leave you satisfied with our work.

Ready to schedule service or learn more about rewiring your home or wiring new appliances? Call (517) 548-5040 or send us a message online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wiring & Rewiring

Will rewiring improve my home value?

Yes, rewiring a home with aging or inadequate wiring will certainly improve home value. If your wiring is old enough or poorly maintained enough to be out of code, it might even be necessary for your home to be viable to sell.

How often do homes need to be rewired?

You should expect a home with good wiring to need new wiring after 50 to 70 years — but that number can be dramatically shorter if the wiring is poorly maintained or damaged.

You might also need to rewire to support higher-voltage appliances, create dedicated circuits, or add additional outlets.

Do you have to rewire aluminum wiring?

Aluminum wiring is highly susceptible to damage over time due to its thermal properties under a heavy current load. This means that aluminum wiring is more dangerous and more likely to be more hazardous than other wiring materials. It can even cause trouble with home insurance.

Since almost all aluminum wiring was installed at least 50 years ago, you should be on schedule for rewiring anyway, so replacement is strongly recommended.

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