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The drain lines that run from your home or business will lead directly to either the sewer or septic, depending on the makeup of the sewer system. Many items can become lodged in the passage through your drain—from everyday household objects to tree roots, rocks, and plants.

As professional drain and sewer technicians, we use specialized tools and equipment to investigate the problem and fix it at the source. There is a broad range of cutting-edge technology available, such as camera pipe inspections, which can locate any damage or defects efficiently and as quickly as possible.

If you’ve discovered a blockage in your drain or sewer system, don’t wait—call our Michigan drain cleaning and sewer service experts today!

Don’t Trust DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions

When you encounter a clogged drain, your gut reaction may be to reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. Don’t! First of all, chemical drain cleaners can wear away at the interior of your pipes and cause major damage to your plumbing system over time. But even if that weren’t the case, they don’t work a lot of the time anyway! You might pour an entire bottle of solution down the drain just to have to call a plumber anyway. What a waste of money!

Don’t waste your time with damaging drain cleaners. Call a local plumber first and clear the clog for good.

Sewer Line Repair, Replacement & Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

Jet of water cleaning out a sewer line.

A clog in a sewer line can affect all the drains in your home, creating symptoms like slow drains, gurgling or bubbling in the toilet, or even wastewater backing up into the bathtub drain. In many cases, a sewer and drain cleaning company can dislodge the clog and get everything flowing again easily. Sewer cleaning is done by opening the sewer cleanout, which is a threaded cap located just inside or outside your home on the main sewer line. A power auger is then inserted, which uses cutting heads on a long cable to quickly break up clogs.

When you need “sewer cleaning near me,” look no further than AAA Service Network. We offer professional sewer drain cleaning services throughout Southeast Michigan. Call us today at (517) 548-5040.

Sewer Repair

When a clog is caused by cracked pipes, tree root growth, or other damage, sewer repairs may be necessary. The available sewer line repair options will depend on where the problem is located. If the sewer pipe in the basement is damaged, that section can simply be replaced. If a house to street sewer line repair is necessary, methods like trenchless options may be possible, where a specialized lining is inserted and hardened to create a new pipe. Otherwise, repairs will require digging up and replacing the affected sections.

At AAA Service Network, we offer cracked sewer pipe repair, sewer line replacement, and more. The cost per foot for replacing sewer line varies heavily on the depth of the pipe, the equipment required, and the costs for parts and labor. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover sewer pipe damage, but our experts can offer an upfront cost estimate so that you can plan appropriately. Costs to replace sewer line under slab foundations may be higher.

Sewer Installation & Replacement

If you are building a new home or replacing the sewer lines in your current one, our team at AAA Service Network can help. We have the equipment and experience to make sure your sewer lines are installed properly and meet all local codes.

For a home sewer installation quote, contact us today!

Can You Replace Your Own Sewer Line?

Replacing a sewer line yourself may seem like one of the best options, but even if you could rent the backhoe and other equipment necessary, most areas mandate that a professional plumber do the job, as special skills are required.

Additional Plumbing Services

From simple fixes to new installations, our team can do it all! Here are just some of our plumbing services:

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