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Ductless AC Installation in Southeast Michigan

Ductless AC systems are a fabulous choice for homeowners in Southeast Michigan! In most cases, it takes less than a few hours to complete the installation and enjoy a cool summer. At AAA Service Network, our certified HVAC technicians are experts at helping our clients choose the best system for their property. Moreover, we apply the latest techniques and adhere to all area building codes during the installation. The result is a reliable air conditioning system that will keep you cool and comfortable for years to come.

Contact AAA Service Network at 517-548-5040 to discuss the steps that go into each ductless AC installation we perform. It’s our pleasure to outline the processes we adhere to to ensure a top-notch installation.

Advantages of Installing Ductless AC Systems

Ductless systems provide significant control over your environment. They operate 20-30% more efficiently than central air conditioning systems, and they’re easily scaled to the size of your home or apartment. Moreover, installation is usually a very straightforward process. Installation requires placing the indoor unit on the wall and connecting it to the outdoor unit installed just outside. Each unit is mounted on brackets that fasten securely to the structure. Once the wires are connected and the holes sealed, your ductless AC system is ready to cool you off.

Contact AAA Service Network at 517-548-5040 to learn more about the advantages of ductless AC systems. Our certified HVAC specialists will tell you more about the cost savings you can enjoy and the energy-efficient operation you can expect year after year.

FAQs About Ductless Air Conditioners in Southeast Michigan

Can I install ductless AC myself?

It is possible to install some types of ductless AC systems by yourself. However, it is advisable to hire a professional to perform the work. This helps ensure the quality of the installation, as well as warranty coverage, should something go wrong.

How does a ductless AC work?

Ductless AC systems draw in warm air from within the home, absorb the heat and moisture within the air, and then dissipate the heat outside the home. As the air circulates over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant absorbs the heat before the blower circulates the cooler air back into the room.

How many square feet can a ductless air conditioner cool?

Most ductless AC systems can cool anywhere from 400 to 1,000 square feet of space. The larger the space, the more output (generally measured in British thermal units, or BTUs) is required to properly cool the room.

Do I need a mini-split in every room?

The outdoor unit can be attached to multiple indoor units. While you won’t need to install a mini-split in every room, you will want to install one in the main living areas for the best results.

Does ductless air conditioning increase home value?

Ductless AC systems can add value to every home and apartment where they are installed. Because they are cheaper and easier to install, repair, and maintain than whole-home air conditioning systems, they are a cost-effective investment that can make your property considerably more appealing to prospective buyers.

Is ductless AC better?

Ductless AC systems are efficient and flexible. They can be scaled to the size of the property and make it easy to zone your home throughout the year. This creates considerable cost savings and gives you the same comfort as central air conditioning.

Contact AAA Service Network at 517-548-5040 for more information about ductless air conditioner installation within your Southeast Michigan home. We will answer your questions and help you determine which system is best for your needs.

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