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HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance Repair & Generator Services in Livonia, MI


Seasons change, but that doesn't mean your comfort has to change with the color of the leaves on the trees around Livonia, MI. At AAA Service Network, we make sure that your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems function flawlessly no matter what the weather forecast has in store. Regardless of the problem or request, our highly skilled, certified, and fully insured team of HVAC specialists, plumbers, and electricians is always ready to deliver superior service and quality workmanship.

Are your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems in Livonia acting up? Contact the experts at AAA Service Network at (517) 548-5040, and we will happily answer your questions and get you scheduled for a service appointment.

Air Conditioning Services in Livonia, MI

With summer highs that regularly climb above 80 degrees, you don't want to get caught off guard with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Our HVAC team members are experts at keeping your system operating at peak performance throughout the hot and humid summer months.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our teams adhere to strict quality standards and manufacturer guidelines on air conditioner installations. We'll make sure your new unit is installed, secured, and thoroughly tested.

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

We can fix any air conditioning problem that emerges. Whether it's a faulty electrical connection, damaged compressor, or leaking coil, we have the tools, training, and full parts inventory to perform the necessary air conditioner repair.

After about 10 to 15 years, the cost of repair often exceeds 50% of the purchase price for a new unit. When it's time to replace your system, we'll help you choose the best-sized, most energy-efficient system for your home and desired comfort. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We can perform regular maintenance that prolongs the life span, cost-effective operation, and energy efficiency of your systems. We also offer several maintenance plans that make it easy to stay on top of filter changes, refrigerant levels, and more.


Heating Services

Our HVAC team members are specialists in ensuring furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers function perfectly. We perform a full range of heating services, including:

Heating Installation

We install furnacesheat pumps, and boilers for our clients in Livonia. We thoroughly test each system we install and are happy to show you how to operate the features and functions of the unit.

Heating Repair & Replacement

Prompt repairs of your heating systems are essential. We respond quickly to repair or replace a malfunctioning heating system in Livonia.

Heating Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your furnace, boiler, and heat pump will extend the life span and reliability of the system. We follow industry best practices and can customize maintenance plans for your specific unit.


Be prepared for whatever temperatures come your way throughout the year. Contact AAA Service Network online or give us a call at (517) 548-5040 to keep your Michigan home comfortable year-round!

Livonia Plumbing Services

We are a full-service plumbing team so no problem is too large or complex for us to solve. We offer a full selection of plumbing services, including:

Water Line Installation & Repair

Need a new sewer or water line installed or have problems with an existing one? Our team will assess the situation and offer a tailored solution.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Without regular drain cleaning, slower drainage and clogs become inevitable. We’ll clear your clogs and scrub the drains for perfect performance.

Leak Detection

Not every leak is obvious and easy to find — which is why we use the latest tools and techniques to identify every leak in your home, including in your drain, sewer, and water lines. From there, we can build a tailored strategy to repair or replace the fixture if needed.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Getting an eye inside of your plumbing is crucial to understanding problems. With the latest video camera pipe inspection solutions, we can determine a solution without causing damage to access your pipes.

Fixture Installation

Need a new toilet, faucet, or showerhead? The team at AAA Service Network can help install new fixtures to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen.

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Maintenance

Ready to have endless hot water on demand with greater energy efficiency as a bonus? It might be time to upgrade to a tankless water heater with the help of the AAA Service Network. We also install and service high-quality traditional storage-tank water heaters.


AAA Service Network is your one-stop shop for HVAC and plumbing installation, replacement or repair. Contact us online or call (517) 548-5040 to get started today!

Appliance Repair Services

When you hire AAA Service Network to restore the operation of your appliances, you will only receive the very best in customer service, optimal parts, and the most reasonable prices. We offer:

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are complex appliances with dozens of components. AAA Service Network has experience with numerous washing machine repairs, including water leaks, draining problems, excessive vibrations, abnormal noises, and more.

Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher can save you a lot of time in the kitchen, but it can be a major inconvenience when it malfunctions. If your dishwasher is clogged, leaks, or doesn’t clean dishes properly, you need fast, professional dishwasher repair.

Range, Oven & Stove Repair

Whether you have a gas or electric oven, stove, or range, you can rely on AAA Service Network when it malfunctions. We’re familiar with common and complex range and cooktop issues, and you can count on us to recommend and perform the most effective repair for your needs.

Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator breakdown can mean having to use your perishables immediately or throw them out. AAA Service Network can help if your refrigerator is too warm, too cold, or leaking, or has a malfunctioning ice maker.


Electrical & Generator Services in Livonia

Need an electrician? The team at AAA Service Network can help with a full selection of electrical services, including:

Electrical Installation

Reliable electrical work is crucial for convenience, safety, and home value. We offer top-quality electrical installation services for outlets, whole-home wiring, circuit breakers, and more.

Electrical Repair

Electrical repair is a job that should always be handled by a professional electrician. From frayed wires and shocks from outlets to blown fuses and smoke emanating from switches, AAA Service Network can offer the timely electrical repair you need in Livonia with a one-year warranty.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel upgrade ensures you have plenty of power to meet your growing electrical demands and increases the safety and value of your home. Our experts can evaluate your electrical needs and recommend the best service panel for your budget.

Light Installation

Need new light installations added inside or outside your home? Let the team at AAA Service Network work with you to figure out exactly what you need to make your dream lighting a reality.

Generator Installation, Repair & Maintenance

A standby generator during an outage can mean the difference between comfortably and safely riding out an accident or disaster and danger to life, limb, and property. We’ll make sure you have a reliable, easy-to-use generator in place for when you need it most.


Contact the experts at AAA Service Network at (517) 548-5040 to speak with our team about the electrical and generator services we offer in Livonia, MI.

Trust AAA Service Network for Home Services in Livonia, Michigan

AAA Service Network wants to keep you secure and cozy in your home 365 days out of the year. We’ve been serving the residents of Livonia for over 40 years, and we’re confident our customer service and job performance stand out above the rest.

Each of our technicians is trained to specialize in all of the important tasks needed to maintain your home’s performance and extend the life of its many systems and appliances. Our clients always have been, and always will be, our top priority.

Ready to schedule an appointment for your home in Livonia? Call us today at (517) 548-5040 to get started!

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